Fruiting Bodies: Collapse as Medicine, Liminal Portals, Mycelial Entanglements

GGI student Shante’ Sojourn Zenith has an essay in the latest issue of Dark Matter: Women Witnessing: A Lesson: A Warning. A Flare: Voices from the Pandemic.

“Fruiting Bodies: Collapse as Medicine, Liminal Portals, Mycelial Entanglements”  is based on Shante’s in-depth explorations in Embodiment Studies. It’s also a beautiful meditation on this pandemic moment.

“Within this culture” Shante writes, “we fear experiences of disintegration, breakdown, and collapse. But what if the collapse is also a part of the medicine? There are openings and cracks in these times of breakdown, windows into other worlds….. For transformation to be possible, there first has to be a stopping, a pausing, refusing to continue the dance of fear and survival….”

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